Making the most of
your advertising budget

The aim of the game in media buying and planning is getting the most from your advertising spend. We offer expert advice on the best way to use your advertising budget to position your organisation in the market place.

We have access to the most up to date figures on demographics, readerships, listeners and viewers for different media and different areas so we know who’s viewing what and where to find the right people for your product or service.

As an accredited media buyer, we are also able to get the best rates for your campaign and we work hard to ensure that you get the best positioning for your message to maximise the impact when it appears. All this while saving you time and hard work, allowing you to either put your feet up or focus on other things.

Here are some examples of the media we work in, as well as some of the features of these media that you may not be aware of.

The media we work with


TV still remains the advertising medium with the most credibility, with the majority of people citing a TV ad as their favourite ad, and ad liking being directly linked to the sales generated by a campaign.

Our TV campaigns have drastically increased sales for a number of our clients and while it can be a costly investment, it does generate the return.


Digital has been growing in popularity as a medium for advertising and has recently overtaken TV in terms of advertising spend, accounting for around 25% of the total advertising market.

There are a number of reasons for this surge in popularity, mainly due to the wide range of options available to people wanting to advertise in digital, from low cost Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to advertising on the media that are arguably replacing TV such as iPlayer, 4od, YouTube and the plethora of other internet sites.

You also get the benefit of the option to draw traffic directly to your site and much more accurate and advanced ways to track the effectiveness of your campaign.


Outdoor has the advantage of being far more cost effective and efficient than the more traditional Newspaper advertising and its concentrated impact on a specific area.

It’s a great way to reinforce the message of a campaign and get a strong, punchy message across to people who view it, not least because of it’s large physical size.


Press has an advantage over outdoor advertising by having an audience that has more time to read over your ad and to absorb your message. Larger ads work more effectively than smaller ads, but there is a difference in price and we have achieved results from adverts of all sizes.

Press can be a great starting point for your advertising campaign due to its relatively low price and potentially higher exposure time, and it can also be a great way to complement a radio or TV campaign by providing more in-depth information about what you do, or simply to remind the viewer of how great your product or service came across in those media.

Public Transport

How many times have you been on public transport and to ease the monotony of the journey, you have sat and read the ad in front of you in depth?

You’re not alone, and with the volumes of people that use trains, buses or the Subway that’s a large captive audience that could be hanging on your every word.


Radio usually has the advantage of a wide reach and dynamic style without the costs or risks of channel flicking associated with TV advertising.

Radio advertising can include straightforward, in your face (or ear, in this instance) ads that are designed to grab listeners’ attention, or it could include sponsorship within some of the shows. Most radio stations will actually offer packages whereby your message is actually integrated into sections of the show through competitions, giveaways, phone ins etc.

You have the option of appearing on mainstream radio stations with lots of listeners and lots of reach, but also to appear on lower cost niche stations, which can target people with specific interests, in specific areas or specific demographics.

One study (admittedly arranged by the Radio Advertising Bureau, although a scientifically conducted study nonethless) actually discovered that radio advertising can increase online browsing of your brand by over 50% within 24 hours of exposure, which means that it would be a great way to complement any online or social media campaigns you could be running as well.

Social Media

Social media is the current ‘hot new kid’ in the advertising world, and has received an incredible amount of media attention through its purported ability to make people stars, companies rich and even bring down governments. However, one thing a lot of people tend to find once they start trying to use social media for commercial purposes is that they do not get the results that they were expecting from it, which leads to disillusionment and apathy towards the medium.

We would argue that social media does get results, however there is a lot more to it than simply learning the mechanics of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. Instead, a great deal more thought should be placed in the content of your communications, who you communicate with, as well has how your communications connect with wider networks.

Direct Media Group works with some of the best social media specialists in Scotland to make sure that your social media campaign lives up to the hype.