Media Masterclass

A series of tips to help you promote yourself more effectively

New Media vs Traditional Media

Is new media such as social media really the money saving solution to all your marketing troubles? Continue reading

Propositional Density

Glasgow Logo Design

The more ideas that you can convey with a simple image, the more effective the image will be. Continue reading

How much white space should your artwork contain?


How much empty space should you include in your ad? Continue reading

Informative vs Emotive Advertising


What type of advertising is best for you? Informative and to the point or emotive and out of the box? Continue reading

Line lengths in web design

Typography in Web Design

It’s easier to read text quickly when the length of a line of text is longer, but it doesn’t look as appealing Continue reading

Mere Exposure Effect

There is a concept in social psychology known as the mere-exposure effect or the familiarity principle which states that people develop a preference for things that they perceive as familiar, even if there is no further reason to trust them. Continue reading

Cheaper, Easier, More Effective: How a media planner can save you money


The saying goes that only about 50% of advertising works, it”s the just the only problem is trying to decide which half. Not only that, but determining the most effective way to zero in on your target market can be … Continue reading

How much should you spend on design?

So you”ve got your business set up at great expense, employees are on the payroll, suppliers want to be paid and you need to get your project to the market right away. You have taken advantage of the better rates … Continue reading