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Stay Sharp!

Welcome to Scottish Studios, the artwork and prepress arm of Direct Media Group. Feel confident that your ad will print correctly when you send it to press via our simple uploader to the right and we will give you a call.
Any questions about the process or pricing,
don’t hesitate to call on 0141 887 8788
Learn more about what we do to keep your colours correct and your ad looking sharp below.

Why do you need a prepress service?

Printing jobs can offer variable results, and are affected by a number of factors including the type of ink used, the paper stock and the specifications of the printer itself.

Newspapers in particular, due to the lightweight stock that they use and the ink used for quick turnaround and mass production, can have very variable results.

To get round this, different publications require ads to be formatted to particular specifications, depending on the publication. These specifications are designed to regulate things like the weight of the ink on the page to avoid smudging, and additional checks have to be made on the size of the text to compensate for the possibility of print plates not aligning perfectly.

What we do

We have access to the full library of specifications for each publication, as well as the technology and knowhow required to perform these checks, format the ad and fix any issues that may risk compromising the quality of your ad when it appears.

Some of the Checks and Processes we carry out

  • Assess the weight of the ink in the ad and fix if necessary
  • Application of appropriate color profiles for each publication
  • Colour matching to ensure that the colours printed match the colours in the file
  • Checking type size and line weight are right for publication
  • Checking image resolution is appropriate
  • Formatting to the correct PDF type as required by the publication
  • Ensuring that colours are all CMYK and converting from RGB or Spot if necessary
  • Checking file dimensions are correct for the space booked
  • Removal of crop marks or printers marks if needed
  • Alerting you to any of these issues if they require alterations to the actual design