The New Direct Media site: an Essential Advertising Resource

Direct Media 2012 Web Design

Those of you who already know us will probably have noticed that we have made some extensive changes to our website.

No longer happy with simply telling people that we can help you out with what you need, we have decided to actually do so and provide you with an online resource of information that would be beneficial to all of your promotional requirements.

The new site features a plethora of useful facts and techniques that will appeal to anyone with a marketing campaign that they need to carry out, regardless of what they already have in place. We aim to supply you with useful thoughts and questions to consider regardless of whether you are using any of our services.

Obviously our helpful attitude extends further than this website and if there’s anything that you need us to organise for you, we would be delighted to take care of it personally. Get in touch by contacting us on 0141 887 8788 or via any of the methods on our contact page.

At this stage we would also like to thank Dave Appleby for his photography skills that we used on the previous site. You can view his work by following this link.

It would be great from you to hear what you think of the site. Just leave a comment below and we will listen!

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