Work flows from summer warmth into autumn colours

Various campaigns that were planned and booked at the start of the summer have been extended into September and October.

A Direct Media Group home improvements client JW Grant having expanded into Ayrshire by opening a new depot in the area with a planned investment of 3.5 million during the coming three years has continued to extend their campaign and book adverts in the local Ayrshire press and also 48 sheet roadside media. As our client has just opened their new depot in the Kilmarnock area advertising will continue on here, into the autumn and the New Year.

All existing national media that has been booked by Direct Media Group as part of this campaign has had artwork updated to include the contact details of the new Kilmarnock depot.

Our entertainment client The Glasgow Ski School has had new artwork produced and many forms of media booked for a whole array of events they have hosted during the Summer School holidays and this activity will continue into the autumn for Gala Days Ski Sales and the October week’s school holidays.

An unusual new media which has been highly effective for the Ski school has been the on street pod advertising which are strategically placed hexagonal 3D pillar box style media that has an A2 poster designed by Direct Media placed on it for more details contact

Our European healthcare client Dental Centre Hungary has had another surge of interest form Scottish Patients with several travelling for treatments in the months of September and October. Direct Media as the appointed Network Managers for Scotland for the Dental Centre based in Budapest, has arranged delivery of the new patients treatment plans information on the place and the accommodation available and also in some instances arranged the flights for the travelling Scottish patients.

Several of these patients are returning for second phase treatments with others travelling for the first time. The growth of Scottish Patients travelling to Dental Centre Hungary’s clinics in Budapest has been steady due to the high costs of such treatments in the UK. Flights and accommodation are often part of the health/dental tourism packaged offered. Eating is also highly affordable in Hungary.

Direct Media Group’s artwork arm Scottish Studios and Engravers Ltd have had a steady stream of work for such organisations as Plus bus Ticket mania and a specialist hairdressing organisation based in London’s Covent Garden, London.

We also have several new artwork bookings in the pipeline for organisations such as UKCP and UPAD which have been taken to a proofing stage and will be taken to a live stage in the coming weeks.

Direct Media has been involved in several new campaigns such as that for a highly specialised organisation in the medical laboratory field these campaigns are in the early stages for these new Direct Media Group clients and to keep up to date with the work as it progresses keep in touch with our latest news and blog

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